Cross the Borders with our Foreign Trade Services!

Do you want to trade between Turkey, Russia, European Union, China and CIS countries? Eliminate the complexity of international trade and overcome the borders with our Foreign Trade Unit within our logistics company!

With our experienced and expert team, we can help you with

Overseas Purchasing Transactions:

- Finding and evaluating overseas suppliers of the products you need
- Price research and negotiation on products
- Follow-up and coordination of purchasing transactions

Overseas Sales Operations of your products:

- Finding and evaluating potential customers abroad
- Marketing and promotion of your products
- Follow-up and coordination of sales transactions

Transit Trade Transactions:

- Completion of all necessary procedures for transit trade
- Customs clearance procedures and document follow-up
- Transport and logistics services

Payment Systems Organisation:

- Secure and fast payment solutions for international trade
- Monitoring foreign exchange rates and risk management
- Advice on bank accounts and money transfers

Preparation of Necessary Documents and Papers:

- Preparation of all documents required for export/import transactions and submission to official -institutions
- Customs declarations and other necessary documents
- Commercial invoices and other trade documents

We Support You with Our Wide Network:

Our company has a wide network of partner companies in China, Singapore, Dubai and Germany, in addition to its branches in Turkey and Russia. This way, we can offer you local expertise and support every step of the process.

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It is now much easier to cross borders with Ref Logistics!